Case Studies

Case Study – Commercial Vehicle Turntable


  • Project: Heavy Duty Commercial turntable
  • Sector: Vehicle turntables
  • Client: Sykes Ltd.
  • Completed: May 2020 with ongoing routine servicing/Contract 11516
  • Certification:  ISO 9001:2015 and CE BSEN1090-2:2018 CE Machinery Directive

The Project

RHW Engineering received an enquiry to provide a proposal/quotation to supply a commercial turntable to replace an existing unit for a Term Contractor based in Central London. This was a complex project due to the very high security of the building, with the need for all RHW personnel to be security cleared, as well as managing limited access to the site. In addition, the final stages of this project coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic which created additional challenges for the final installation.

After an initial survey to inspect the site and the existing turntable pit, RHW were able to make recommendations for improvements to the drive pit to accommodate the new drive unit, together with advising on a suitable siting of the control console and required services. A schedule of works was provided to show the required manufacturing window and phases of the various site programs building up to the final changeover. All installations were managed internally and carried out by RHW’s experienced installation engineers.

The project had to be phased across several weekends to accommodate the functioning daily workings of the building complex.

Phase one:

• Various early works were carried out ahead of the installation of the new unit, whilst allowing the existing turntable to remain in use.
• These preliminary works allowed for the smooth change over in phase 2.

Phase two:

• All RHW steelwork and equipment arrived together, complete with lifting gear and fork trucks at the central London site. The roadway was marshalled by RHW during the unloading process.
• The removal of the existing turntable was the first element of work to be completed.
• Installation of the new turntable and control console followed.
• The entire old turntable steelwork was removed from site on the final day of completion together with all RHW plant and equipment.

Handover was completed 2 days ahead of schedule and the client was delighted with the project. RHW have since received a kind letter of appreciation by all and have also been awarded the routine future servicing for this installation.


We required a replacement commercial vehicle turntable for a building in the centre of London. Due to the unique / niche product and site requirements RHW were the selected preferred contractor to undertake the project. Their expertise, knowledge and professionalism were of the highest quality. The staged installation of the turntable had to be undertaken out of hours (weekends) but had to be left in such a condition that the full operations of the building remained, for the following week. Sykes and our Client are very happy with the installation and after sales service by RHW. I would highly recommend using RHW for any similar installation with any site restrictions in place.

Sykes & Son Ltd.