Commercial Vehicle Turntables

RHW Engineering are able to provide low cost turntables suitable for commercial vehicles to use. These turntables provide a solution to the challenges of restricted space and congested roads that many articulated vehicles have to deal with. These turntables are able to move any size of vehicle, from the smallest car to large articulated vehicles; all in confined spaces, and with Air Film Technology, even on mezzanine or thin slab floors.


  • Cost-effective solution to limited turning space.
  • Creates a safer work place by reducing the number of manoeuvres each vehicle has to undertake.
  • Can assist with improving efficiency – helping to reduce delivery turnaround times.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly option.

Movement Technology:

RHW Engineering are able to supply turntables using two tried and tested technologies, Air-film and Mechanical.

Please see our brochure for further information - RHW Commercial Vehicle Turntables

At RHW we are able to cater to a broad range of needs, providing well proven and cost effective turntables.

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