Industrial Turntables

An industrial turntable can significantly improve speed and efficiency in factories, warehouses and in fact anywhere that some form of distribution occurs!

Built on a central bearing, these turntables provide an efficient and unobtrusive solution to industrial challenges.


  • Custom sizes available – Turntables available with diameters as little as one meter.
  • Custom-built – Available to be built to your specifications and requirements.
  • Ideal for factory component feeds and other distribution systems.
  •  Built with durability in mind – Able to withstand heavy industrial use.
  •  Flexible installation – Portable or fixed installation.
  •  Easy to use – Variable speed rotation available both clockwise and anticlockwise with hand or foot operator control.
  • Affordable and cost effective – Providing an excellent return on investment.

Please see our brochure for further information - RHW Engineering Industrial Turntables

At RHW we are able to cater to a broad range of needs, providing well proven and cost effective turntables.

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